Album 'Totality' out April 4th by miles ross


For the last year or so I have been working on an album that combines my love of science fiction books and movies with my passion for music. The project went by many names for many months but I ended with 'Totality'. Each track in 'Totality' moves to the next seamlessly taking its listener on a journey. Ive always loved albums that do this and I have a massive amount of respect for those that go this route. It was a lot of hair pulling but I couldnt be more pleased with the result. This is my proudest work to date. It comes out on Gravitas Recordings April 4th but you can PreOrder it HERE

Festival Announcement: Stilldream 2016 by miles ross

Im excited to announce ill be play at Stilldream music festival this summer the weekend of July 28th. This year they have released an incredible phase one lineup featuring some of my best friends and biggest influences. Stilldream was my first DJ gig back in 2007 and im thrilled to be returning again this year with an arsenal of new music and fresh ears. Looking forward! 

Festival Anouncement: Raindance 2016 by miles ross

Raindance 2016

I am excited to announce ill be playing at Raindance campout June 10-13 in Willseyville, CA. I attended raindance as an attendee several years ago in Santa Cruz and the weekend was spectacular. I ended up having to leave early to take a friend to the airport and always wanted to go back. The lineup is ridiculously awesome as well featuring some of my favorite artists like Boreta and EPROM. Looking forward to spending some time in the sun with Nor Cal friends in proper form.

- miles

birth by miles ross

Here it is, my very first website. I feel the general use of this site will be for me to post exciting news such as shows and forthcoming music. I would also like to push some traffic here from facebook. Im going to include the following


-pictures and video


-dates imported from Bandintown App


-still not sure if this is necessary but I think it could be better as a "press kit" section. 


-Basically just links from Soundcloud but it would be cool to have some exclusive material up here and some sort of fangate.